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Martha & Maya in the news!

Our dear rescues Maya and Martha safely made it into the UK and even got an article written about their story in the Northern Echo! 

Read the article here: Link

Martha & May in UK

Incredible News!



Thanks to amazing work of individuals a foster for them was found and thanks to great common effort the needed funds were raised for their travel.

10 January 2019




Those 5 pups were born on 12 April 2017. We took care of them since that date. Together with volunteers we created a small nest for them and their mom Malyshka - a stray dog from Kranevo, Bulgaria.

In about 4 weeks, when pups started to walk, we placed them to a foster in Kranevo. Then they were transferred to a dog hotel. Fortunately, Mrs. Karen Saywer from UK proposed them a foster in UK and she covered transport costs as well as hotel costs, until all pups were ready to travel. All puppies were vaccinated and microchiped.

This week we received a message from Mrs. Karen  Saywer, that all of the puppies were adopted in the UK! A big thank you to all who helped rescue, foster and adopt the  puppies: Luna, Oscar, Lilly,Hope and Tully.




But their parents Malyshka and Fedor are still waiting to be adopted.

To learn more about Kranevo strays and help, please click on this link.

Belka's s Story

Belka was a little female dog from a family of stray dogs in Kranevo. But soon after she was rescued she had the luck to be adopted by Chris Davies from UK! We are wishing this little girl lots of happiness in her new home. 

Millie's story.


Millie was a lonely but lovely Bulgarian stray, Louise Laughland and her friends have been feeding and taking care of her. They contacted us asking to help find a loving home for her. With the assistance of Christine Kipling Millie found a new home in the UK, she was adopted in January 2017. A Big thank you to Peter James and his family for giving Millie the love, attention and care she deserves. Millie is one happy girl. Thank you all for making it possible.



Snowflake's story

Snowflake was born to a stray dog in Kranevo (Dobrich region) and was the only puppy that survived the hard life on the streets. He was rescued by our foundation and taken care of than fostered. With the amazing help of Christine Kipling Snowflake has found new loving parents in the UK. He was adopted in February 2017 and he is now part of an amazing family, enjoying life with his 2 other furry sublings.



Lucky's lucky story

Lucky had an incredible rescue story. When we saw him for the first time we found out that Lucky was abandoned by its owner. The people who were temporarily keeping him gave him away to a person who than completely neglected him. We have decided to rescue the poor dog.When we arrived at the place Lucky was attached to a short chain with no water or food and an old dusty rug for a bed. He was incredibly happy to see us! We have rescued him and placed into a kennel and started looking for a home for him. Lucky didn't have to wait too long before he was adopted! Lucky got truly lucky!